Travel Essentials for Long Flights

Surprise!  I just got back from a month long trip in Africa.  I had such an amazing experience but I need a bit more time to write my experience into words. Therefore in the meantime I thought I would share with you five of my essentials that I took on the plane. Earphones Earphones help me to tune out the … Continue reading Travel Essentials for Long Flights

Words Of Encouragement (Guest Post)

Today I'm so excited to be hosting my first guest post!  I asked my real life best friend, Joyce to share with you guys scriptures of encouragement.  Be sure to check out her blog 'My Liron' and without further ado I hope you guys enjoy... Hey guys, It's Joyce here from My Liron!  Today my best friend Grace … Continue reading Words Of Encouragement (Guest Post)

The Blue Sky Tag

Hey Guys! Today I'm going to be participating in the Blue Sky Tag.  Thank you very much to Arianna from Aricouture for nominating me. Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the 11 questions. Tag 11 other bloggers. Give them 11 questions to answer Questions from Arianna... 1. What's your favourite season? Probably spring. 2. What's your … Continue reading The Blue Sky Tag

10 Ways To Find Inspiration

Hey Guys, If your struggling to find inspiration at the moment than this is the perfect post for you!  Here's 10 awesome ideas to find inspiration... 1. Read Reading can be inspirational as you'll find new perspectives on different things in life which can be life changing.  It also keeps you learning forever and enlarges … Continue reading 10 Ways To Find Inspiration