March Favourites | 2018

Hey Guys!  I know it’s a bit late to share my March favourite with y’all but I still wanted to anyways.  😉  As usual if we share any of the same favourites I’d love to know!…


I know that I’ve mentioned this CoverGirl mascara in a few of my post before but that’s only because it’s my absolute favourite.  I keep trying new mascaras but always come back to this one.  It’s a great mascara for lengthening your eyelashes whilst still adding a little volume.  (Side note: why do mascara wands look like weapons? 😂)



If you haven’t heard of Beckah Shae before then I definitely recommend looking her name up.  Her covers are my favourite as she changes the lyrics from popular songs to make the lyrics Christian.  At the moment I’ve been loving this cover of hers…


Well I’m not sure if Bubble Tea technically counts as food but I’m officially saying it does, lol.  I had a few bubble teas last month with both my friends and my sister.  I think the Lychee one from Utopia is my favourite although I did try the passion-fruit one and thought it was pretty good too.  (Also huge props to Utopia for letting me use their image.😊)



I already mentioned this book in my March Goals & Accomplishments post but I knew I wanted to talk about it again.  The book is called ‘Uninvited’ by Lysa Terkeurst and it’s amazing!  Her subtitle for the book is living loved when you feel less than, left out and lonely and that is exactly what she talks about in this book.  I feel like she wrote this book in a very personal yet non judgemental way so that it will speak directly to you.  She also covered topics of insecurities that I know a lot of ladies struggle with including myself.  This book has a five star rating on quite a few websites and I highly recommend you give it a read!


What were some of your March favourites?

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29 thoughts on “March Favourites | 2018

  1. My Yardley Stayfast lipstick – I’m currently using blush which is a nude colour. I just can’t get over how it moisturises my lips and add colour at the same time.

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