My Fear Of Failure!

A month ago I asked you guys what kind of posts you wanted to see from me and most people asked me to write more personal stories about things going on in my life.  Every time I thought about what I wanted to share with you I kept coming back to my fear of failure.  So that’s exactly what I’m gonna be talking to you about.  Not because I’ve overcome it but because it is something I am continually being confronted with and learning to overcome.

I think one of the first steps in learning to overcome this fear is acknowledging why this is a fear.  There are so many reasons why this may be a fear for you but for me there are three main reasons why…

1. I think everyone wants to be told when they are doing something good and I am no exception.  I want approval.  I want to be told that I have skills.  I want to be told that I am loved, that I do matter and that people do care about me.

2. This kind of goes hand in hand with my first point which is I am prideful.  I want people to acknowledge that I am right when I am but also there have been times when I have been wrong and know I’m wrong yet I still try and justify myself simply because of my pride.

3. If you know me well then you will know that there are certain things that I like done a particular way.  I’m a perfectionist and can certainly be a little OCD.  This can be a good thing at times as I often give 100% in trying to do things to the best of my ability but at other times this can be a stumbling block.

All of these things can be good at times but they can also be bad, very bad.  These things cause me to overthink everything that I have or am thinking of doing at times, ultimately leading me to be scared of FAILING!

Learning to let things go, know that I am loved, even if it’s just by my King, and learning that I don’t always have to be right is exactly how I’m learning to overcome this fear.  It is and will continue to be a long process but I am getting better at overcoming this fear.

What are some of your fears and how are you learning to overcome them?

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61 thoughts on “My Fear Of Failure!

  1. I understand you so much! When I make mistakes, I replay events in my head multiple times trying to figure out how I could have done things better. One reason I hate failing is because I hate letting people down. Also, I hate being an inconvenience to those who will be impacted by my mistakes. I am working hard on bouncing back more quickly when I commit mistakes. I hope to make progress

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  2. Every point you made is me also and although I suffer with anxiety… lately the fear of failing or not leaving my mark on this world has crept up. I was told I wasn’t smart enough once and since then I am always pushing myself to prove them wrong (although they most likely not care). With my fear of leaving the house… that’s been improving slowly 🙂

    Great post and thanks for reminding us that we are all human and are all scared of something. Its overcoming them that’s our battle 🙂

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  3. Great post. We have similar traits. Its a process to overcome those habits. I sat down and had a long talk with my Heavenly Father, and what he spoke to me was to be more adaptive in environments (its where my trust in him is tested), walk by faith (be more uncomfortable in different situations), and through my failures I gain more knowledge about who I am. We will never be perfect at taming the flesh, our emotions, but we can work on it one day at a time. Being able to praise God continually help me open up to growth. Plus, having such a great community with blogging, I’m learning so much.

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  4. This was a really relatable read, thank you so much for sharing. ❤ These personal posts can be tough to write but so many people can relate. I'm definitely a perfectionist too. The thought of failure terrifies me, but I'm just trying to be kinder to myself. At night, sometimes I'll write about some good things that happened during the day/any accomplishments (big or small!) that I'm proud of. I think it's been helping out. Great post, Grace! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! This post was definitely a little hard to write as it is something I am still learning to overcome but after trying to write it for a month I was finally happy with posting it. I’m so glad that many people have found this post relevant or encouraging too. Keeping track of my blessings daily too has helped me heaps. Last year I did a series on my blog called ‘The Simple Things’, were I kept track of my blessings and blogged them daily for several weeks…
      Thank you very much for reading and for your encouragement. Many Blessings, Grace. xo

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  5. My fear is getting old and not living my life to the fullest. It might sound weird, but I constantly feel like I’m missing out on different opportunities and sometimes feel guilty if I sit around at home for too long without doing anything with my life. It was pretty bad about a year ago, but slowly I’m getting better with it. Btw, I followed your blog!

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  6. I relate to this in so many ways—especially the approval part! I think especially as a writer, I’m alone with my work for so long. That when it comes time to show something to someone I’m desperate for their approval. And my fear that they won’t approve it can keep me from sharing. Ah, the cycle.

    Love your thoughts on this! Amen to allowing the KING to work through us!

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  7. These are all so relatable. I procrastinate a lot and trying very hard to get rid of this vice. It leads to me towards my biggest fear- dying one day without encashing my fullest potential. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  8. I love this post Gracie. You speak with such honesty which is a witness to many especially myself.

    It reminded me of a couple passages in Scripture. The first being Philippians 3 where Paul speaks about his confidence in the flesh (pride especially) but he doesn’t leave it there. He speaks of the hope He has in Christ, that this life is a journey and that one day we will be with Him.

    The second scripture is Ephesians 3:14-21 about the love Christ has for us.

    In my pride, in my strive for perfectionism, but ultimately in my pride, the Lord constantly reminds me that I am a work in progress and even though I don’t have it right and give in to fears sometimes, He is with me!

    Thankyou Gracie for voicing that which we all struggle with. Xx

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  9. After I lost my husband I developed several fears: of life, people and of happiness. To try to overcome all of them I am learning to live in the present and to accept those things that life offers me wholeheartedly and without question. I still find it quite difficult and often find myself back in the past with pain and regret or in the future with the fear of loneliness but each moment that I can spend truly in the present is a blessing so I persevere :O)

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  10. I thoroughly love this read and you’re vulnerability and honesty is everything. I can tell you this from reading this piece, that you don’t need anyone’s validation and you’re fear of failure is just a false illusion. You know you’re great and from what I can see, you are authentically you…and as long as you stay true to yourself and immersed in the process of loving you’re work, there is absolutely no way you can fail. The outcome has no choice but to come when you obsess over doing what you love. This was everything, and beautifully written. Thank you for posting and sharing.

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  11. Good post. Fear is such a success blocker. I don’t really know what my fears are. I feel more frustration. If I start something I don’t fear it not working I get frustrated on not getting the results I want and I hate the feeling, sometimes it makes me slow down or stop. But I don’t fear starting things like business etc.

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  12. Wow! Loved this post soooo much as I can truly relate. I too suffer from the things you mentioned above and acknowledging as well as being transparent about it, has helped me deal with it. Love your transparency. We’re all works of clay that are constantly needing to be molded and shaped.

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  13. I absolutely love this. It’s amazing. Thank you for sharing a piece of you that most wouldn’t. I appreciate it. I have similar topic posts on my page! I honestly am glad to see I’m not the only one willing to admit that fear is real and you can’t just ignore it. You HAVE to overcome it! Please keep writing! 💖

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  14. Lovely post! I feel sometimes like I’m surrounded by expectations I just can’t fullfil, that there is always some better, faster or prettier. I’ve also learned to mute all those feelings and power through live the way I want to. People will always remember us for personality and good thinks we do, not for the grades or titiles.

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  15. I face so much fear in life. I finally just told my story last week! My daughter almost died right after she was born from a freak incident. I’ve quickly realized life is too short and way to fragile. Thankfully she survived. And I have my faith in Jesus to lean on. But I struggle so much. Thanks for sharing. I do have my daughter story a few posts down if you would like to read it.

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