Why I Started Blogging

Hi Guys!  Lately I have been getting several comments asking me why I started blogging either in the comments, on my Instagram or in my Q&A’s, etc.  Since this is the case I wanted to write a public post in hopes that it may explain my answer in more depth and also to others who may not have asked me yet but are wondering.  So without further ado here is my answer…

I started blogging because it was something that I wanted to do for many years although I never talked to anyone about it until January last year.  I don’t really have a reason for not telling anyone other than I was worried about what others would think.  🙄

Anyways another reason I started blogging was to keep a personal journal for myself.  This can be very convenient when trying to share parts of my life with friends and family around the world.  It’s also fun to see how my thoughts/opinions have changed even over the past 13 months when looking back at some of my older writings.

I also want to share my mistakes so others can learn from them.  I want to encourage you as you participate in your walk with Christ and growing in relationship with your friends and your family.   Ultimately I want my blog to inspire other younger girls like myself and my sisters!

If you blog, I’d love to know why?

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60 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. I blog because it’s a challenge…I like trying to find creative ways to put words onto paper..I like your idea of being able to share where you are with your family through your blog…goodluck

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  2. I’ve started blogging because like you it was something I wanted do for years and to share my experience and knowledge. And I really enjoy it, however I’ve got plenty to learn about blogging still. All the best! 🙂

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  3. I started blogging because I wished to see how well I justify myself in expressing my feelings and thoughts!! How far I am also able to inspire others and create interest who don’t like reading!! Sometimes simple things helps in creating interest!! Your blog always make us smile and enjoying reading them!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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  4. I started blogging to help others with pale skin find foundation. Since then I’ve started writing more topics. I still don’t share my posts to Facebook as I worry about what friends and family might think 🤔

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    1. That’s really cool! I know it can feel scary at first telling friends and family (from personal experience) about your blog but in my case many of my friends and family were a lot more supportive than however I imagined them to respond in my mind. Even if they are not very supportive at first I’m sure they will be in the end. Many Blessings, Grace.

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  5. I started blogging because the Holy Spirit led me to a sign-in/register page when I went to check out a pattern for a book shelf that was on a WP blog. The name for the blog came quickly and I’ve been taking pictures of the wonderful sunsets and clouds around my new home near the lake. I also had some “musings” I wrote down a number of years ago and still have on my computer as well as some poems inspired by my college English teacher. I want to encourage and challenge others as I share what God is doing in my life. This is the first real step I’ve taken as a writer, which is one of the gifts I’ve been blessed with!

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  6. Aww, I have very similar reasons for starting a blog. I just want to help people and make them smile! I’ve always loved writing and blogging seemed like the perfect platform to express myself. Like you, I was really nervous about what others would think, but I slowly got over it and am so happy I kept up with blogging!

    I love reading your posts ❤ You're a great writer! 🙂

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  7. I started blogging because as you listed, I love it as a personal journal for myself. Whether or not it grows and I gain a ton of followers, it’s nice to know that I can speak my mind and post as I wish. I’ve just recently started posting about it on IG in which only a couple of family members are on, haven’t quite worked up the courage to post links on Facebook though.

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  8. I initially started blogging because I love writing and I wanted to encourage people to always see the positive in every situation. I wanted them to always choose to fill their minds with positivity even when they are filled with negative thoughts, to always find a way to block the negative voices. I have since also started sharing my experiences and other topics that are of interest to me. Blogging is a form of therapy for me.

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  9. Thanks for your post. It got me thinking and remembering when I started my blog and why. Why I blog is a question I often ask myself, as I figure out the purpose and what topics I want to write about. I started blogging a few years ago because I was heading on a trip for 4 weeks to Iceland and Scotland. A friend asked me ‘would you keep a blog’ so that I could post the photos. I wasn’t really interested in blogging then, but I tried it out for that trip. I called it “Away in Autumn” since it was October when I travelled. Since then the name has stuck, and my blogging has continued, and become a real joy for me. I love it as a way to express myself, share about my life, and discuss things in my heart that feel bigger than me! I also love to write about running, and my cat–the important things of life. 🙂

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  10. I have only recently created a blog and I must agree that it was made out of a whim to grow as a sensitive human being.
    I cannot comment about my writing skills but through my interactions with other bloggers I have only learnt that self-appreciation goes hand in hand with self-expression…
    I majorly write short stories, poems and a successive novel. I am surely not as good as you @myblessingmygrace but I am definitely trying 🙂
    Thank you for lightning the path…
    Wish me luck!

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  11. I started blogging because I have some heath and financial knowledge I wanted to share with others who choose to read, rather than so much on Facebook. I also wanted to learn how, just for the fun of it. But, my desires are changing. I LOVE taking pictures, I love the beach. I tend to post more of the fun stuff I enjoy, with pictures! And mix in heath info. Now I want to take a photo class for fun. And I am simply fascinated that people find my posts and read them, from all over the world! I’m just getting started. And it’s just for me, so I’m not necessarily trying to post to get more followers. Just having fun 😊
    I realized it’s less about telling others stuff, and more about me learning stuff!

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  12. I started my first blog 12 years ago, when I got my first PC I dreamed about for years as a teenager. Growing up surrounded by books, I always wanted to write my own stories for a living. It didn’t work out for me but my blog allows me to share my passion 😊

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