5 Awesome Blogging Tips

A month ago I wrote a post on 5 Ways To Grow Your Blog and many people have really liked that post.  In fact it became my most popular post in a week and in two weeks it reached the first page of google when you search ‘5 Ways To Grow Your Blog’!  So I thought I’d share with you 5 more awesome blogging tips…

Include Pictures

Pictures are very important in keeping your readers engaged as it helps break up the text making your posts easier to read.  It also looks 10 times more aesthetically pleasing and who doesn’t like pretty things?  If you guys are looking for some awesome pictures to use check out this post.

Use Subheadings

This tip will make your posts easier to read as all the basic information they need to know will be in the subheadings.  By doing this your readers are also more likely to stay engaged when you write longer posts.  Make sure you put the subtitle in bold too so it will stand out better.

Quality Over Quantity

If you’re just writing for the sake of posting, most people can tell and may not find your posts as enjoyable or useful compared to if you put a lot of time and effort into them.  It can be hard to come up with awesome quality posts all the time which is why I take breaks from blogging at times.

Spell Check

It is very important to spell check your work if you want to seem more professional.  Spell checking is also very important as one letter can change the entire definition of the word and sometimes therefore the whole sentence.  Shout out to my Dad for always being my spell checker.  😉

Quit The Comparison

Comparison kills in so many ways!  It makes you start to think what am I doing wrong since this person is growing ten times faster than me?  If you are putting your time, effort and passion into your posts than the answer is nothing.  So just focus on being better than you were yesterday rather than better than some other person you stumbled across online.

If you have any other awesome blogging tips, I’d love to hear them?!

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139 thoughts on “5 Awesome Blogging Tips

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I always find your posts so polished, straight-forward, and insightful.

    I have been blogging for a few years now as a hobby but about a year ago, I decided to create a separate blog, cafeconleite.org, with the intent to grow and monetize the blog.

    I have been giving my very best in terms of content but have found it a very slow process of growing my blog in terms of traffic, subscribers, etc. Do you have any specific tips on blog growth or on what actions I should be taking?

    Thank you!

    – Leighann Eileithyia ❤

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  2. Great tips! I especially find quitting the comparison to be so important, even though it can also be incredibly difficult to do, but stopping worrying, wanting perfection, feeling as though your blog isn’t good enough etc can leave you free to open up and be genuine without worrying so much. x

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  3. Some really useful tips here. I try to include pictures wherever possible and subheadings too. I’ve also recently started to include quotes pulled out too which looks really good.

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  4. Including pictures is something I’ve only recently gotten around to doing, but it really does add so much more visual interest to a post. And comparison kills-so glad you included that. Focusing on your own blog is much better than comparing with others every time. xxx

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  5. Thank you for offering these tips. Will definitely use them during my blog writing journey.

    I have been using images and adding captions that either repeat the information from the text or add new information that enhances the content from the blog post. One thing I would like to add is that captions can help readers keep engaged as well. What is your take on captions?

    Like others have said, I really like the comparison section the most! 😊 As someone who is just starting out, I am learning everything by reading other blogs and it’s easy to get caught comparing.

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    1. You’re very welcome! Yes, I do think that short, sweet and simple captions can help your readers to be engaged although I don’t use captions often so I don’t really have too much of an opinion on them.
      Thank you very much too! Yes, comparing can be such an easy trap to fall into but quitting the comparison in all aspects of life is an awesome way to go! 💛


  6. I just started breaking my posts into sections, using the header 2 tag, and see how it helps. Another thing I’ve begun doing is keeping my posts short, encompassing only one element or piece of information. Keeping it simple this way has helped.

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  7. Hi Grace, I am following you now! I love and agree with your suggestion to add photos. I try to do that in every blog. I also love the idea of subtitles and am trying to use these more, to give the reader a guide. Keep it up, your words are great!

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      1. You’re welcome! I would really appreciate it if you could check my blog and give me some advice. Im a new blogger around here and im trying to build my blog.
        Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
        Thanks in advance:)

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      2. I just checked out your blog and I think you are doing an great job at writing your posts. So I don’t exactly know what advice to give you. Like you said in one of your posts you learnt from your mistake. I’m sure you will continue to make mistakes as we all do but I’m sure you will also continue to learn from them, moving forward and becoming better.
        You can also check out this post for some more blogging tips and maybe it will help?… https://myblessingbygrace.com/2018/01/07/5-ways-to-grow-your-blog/ Many Blessings, Grace. 💛


      3. Thanks! I just read the blog post you mentioned. I guess the only im not doing is ending the blog post with a question. I believe that’s really great advice! It would be great if we could collaborate sometime in April. I feel like we have similar interests, so thats something im looking forward to.

        One question:
        What according to you is the best way to increase views on your blog? Does wanting to have more followers make me desperate for attention and fame?
        Would love to get answers to these questions :/

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You’re welcome! That’s cool, concluding your posts with questions will most likely help to engage your readers! Therefore the amount of comments you get on your blog may increase.
        Also if you are wanting to collab I’d be open to hearing more of your ideas and thoughts which you can share with me via email through my contact page. 😉
        I do think that sometimes when people want more followers it can be because they are desperate for fame (etc) although I don’t think that this is the case all the time. Maybe you’re just very passionate about blogging, maybe you put a lot of work into your blog and want to see results as soon as possible, etc. The only person that can really know your motives, I guess, is you! I know for me that seeing the number of followers I have go up is encouraging but I never did it for the followers (fame) in the first place. So whatever the reason is that you started blogging for, in the first place, never loose sight of it. I know from personal experience it can be hard at times to not loose sight of why you first started blogging which is one of the reasons why I think it is important to take a small or long break from blogging at times.
        I think that this post might help you out too if you are looking to increase your views on your blog… https://myblessingbygrace.com/2018/02/08/how-to-gain-loyal-followers/
        Also note that it took me months before I got my first 100 followers (I’ve been blogging for 1 year and 1 month) and ever since then my blog has been growing steadily but I have put in hours of work each day even when I am not just writing and publishing posts. So it does take a while and a lot of effort too. I hope my answers helped you out! Many Blessings, Grace. 💛


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