Why I Like ‘Not’ Wearing Makeup

In my last post I shared with you a couple reasons as to why I like wearing makeup so in this post I’ll be doing the opposite, why I like ‘not’ wearing makeup.  😉  I hope that wasn’t too confusing, lol.  Anyways here are a few of my reasons…

1. Lipstick sure is fun but when I wear it several days in a row, more times than not, it chaps my lips and I really don’t liked chapped lips as I’m sure many of you can agree.

2. I am a teenager and just like most teenagers I struggle with acne.  Generally speaking makeup can clog your pores, which can cause more acne and I don’t want that.  This can be hard at times since one part of me wants to cover it up but the other part of me knows that it’s best I don’t.

3. My next reason is because I want to embrace my natural beauty.  This kind of goes hand in hand with my second reason too, as why should I be embarrassed about my flaws.  Check out my post The True Definition of Beauty for more detail on this.

What’s your least favourite thing about wearing makeup?

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35 thoughts on “Why I Like ‘Not’ Wearing Makeup

  1. Women who are kind and gentle have a glow about them that comes from inside and is radiated outward from the light in their eyes and smile. When they walk into a room they literally light it up. Which continues as they age and their outward beauty fades.

    On the other hand women who lack this inner beauty are like black holes that suck out the enegry of those around them leaving darkness and despair in their wake. And their appearance tends to become hedious as their outer beauty fades.

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  2. I also don’t wear makeup very often. I guess I don’t like applying and taking off it. Once it is on then I do not mind it. (takes too much time!)
    xxx K

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  3. It’s sad that teenagers cake on makeup to hide their acne. I used to have a face full of acne but I never felt the need to cake on makeup. I think it’s harder to maintain throughout the day, especially when I live in a tropical country and have oily skin. But then again, I understand where they’re coming from. I did feel very self-conscious and I’ve encountered people who ask what’s wrong with my face. Without something to cover up the acne, we feel too exposed. Oh but if I only knew how not to give a damn, my life would be so much less painful.

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    1. Yes, I definitely agree with you. Although at times I have felt so insecure about my skin that I have wanted to cover it up too. Learning that I am worth more than my skin or what other people say about it, is truly freeing. So overall I don’t feel the need to cover it up. I know that in time my skin will get better. Thanks for reading. Grace. ❤

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  4. Thank you for your recent visit to my ‘Switching to a Safer Lifestyle’ blog post, as well! It’s much appreciated! Please do let me know how I could be of assistance in the future! I’m originally from Brazil, kickstarting my ‘mompreneur business’ and always seeking healthier (yet beautiful, fun and pleasant!) alternatives for myself and my family. I would love to, somehow, have you share these safer, cleaner beauty and personal care options with your followers! Please let me know, would love to hear your feedbfeedback. Thank you in advance, and take care, Raquel 🤗💚


  5. Hi Grace. First of all, I love your blog. It’s beautiful and professionally done.

    On lipstick, you haven’t found the right formula. Check the ingredients and looking for a moisturizering formula. You will find that even some chap sticks cause more drying because of the alcohol content.

    On acne, I had the same issues as a teenager. Some makeup will clog your pores. Others will not. I find that diet is the biggest contribution to acne. Make sure your getting the right water intake. I also have my clients on a specific set of products that help with their acne.

    I also view makeup (specially foundation) as a barrier that protects my skin from the environment, especially the sun. A light CC cream is what I’d suggest for you. It is a tinted moisturizer that also contains sunscreen and won’t clog your pores. Your 30 year old self will thank you 😊

    Let me know if you want to try any of the items I’ve suggested.

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    1. Thank you so much! I definitely agree I haven’t found the right lipstick but to be honest I kinda stopped looking. Also I certainly agree with what you are saying and would be more than interested in finding a light CC cream! Thank you very much for reading, Grace. 😊


  6. Grace,

    Thank you, its a beautiful post on beauty 🙂 Go natural…Definitely I too like using makeups but I don’t prefer to go to a parlor.Only minimal makeup, I always wish to go natural as God gifted all of us with a beautiful skin with their own uniqueness. So protect it and be simple as the way you are…

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