Why I Like Wearing Makeup

Hey Guys!  Today I wanted to share with you a really short post with a couple reasons as to why I like wearing makeup.  I was inspired to write this post after hearing several comments about how girls only wear makeup because they’re insecure.  That definitely can be the case at times but is not always.  So here are two reasons as to why I wear makeup…

1. I wear makeup to enhance my natural beauty.  At times makeup can make me feel more confident although this is not the case all the time.

2. It can be fun!  It’s kind of like big girl dress ups, lol.  I’ve never worn a lot of makeup but I do find it fun experimenting with different eye-shadow looks and colours sometimes.

I wanted to conclude this post by saying I don’t wear makeup every day nor have I ever worn a full face of makeup but I do like wearing a little bit occasionally.  I’ll be doing a part two to this post soon as to why I don’t like wearing makeup so stay tuned for that!

I know that many people wear makeup for many different reasons so I’d love to know why you do, if you wear makeup?!

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38 thoughts on “Why I Like Wearing Makeup

  1. I wear makeup just when I am going to work or I am going out. I don’t use a lot of it, just minimal. Like foundation, blush, eyebrows pencil, lipstick and if I am to lazy in the mornings, mascara😂.My face doesn’t need a tone of makeup and I wear it just to make me feel a bit more confident. X

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  2. I wear make-up to feel more confident about some parts of my face and to put in evidence others! For example, I wear powder for hide the oily skin and eyebrows pencil to make they look longer, and I wear lipstick to put in evidence my lips. But I don’t like a face full of make up, with heavy contouring, fake lashes and completely drawn eyebrows: I think makeup should, as you told, enhance the natural beauty of someone, and covering completely your face isn’t a good way to do that! I’m waiting for your second post about this topic 🙂

    Federcica | https://federicasdreams.wordpress.com/blog/

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  3. I think this is a really good post! I recently had a convosation with a male friend who asked me why I wear makeup and he just didn’t understand. He assumed that it was to hide how i actaully look but thats not it at all. Like you said it can make you feel more confident and enhance your natural beauty!

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  4. YES! I agree with you! I love how makeup makes me feel. I know I am beautiful without it, but I truly enjoy the products and the process. It’s fun to play and create looks. It’s just another facet of my personality.
    People shouldn’t be so closed minded.
    Thank you for sharing! 💕😊

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  5. Great topic I think for me the makeup is a good way to boost my confidence, but I don’t wear as much now that my skin has improved. Trying to avoid putting anything that may irritate the skin. It is nice though change up everyday look with makeup. A bit of mascara and lip colour can make all the difference sometimes 😊

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