January Goals and Accomplishements

Hi Y’all!  As I told many of you in a previous post, I wanted to round up all of my goals and accomplishments and share them with you.  So without further ado here goes…

1. My main goal for January was to spend more time investing in relationships.  Last month I had absolutely no excuse as why not to since I was barely working and didn’t even start going to school until the last day of the month.  I was really happy with the amount of time I got to spend enjoying life with others particularly my siblings.

2. Originally I was going to upgrade the theme of my blog later on this year but I was done with my old theme so I didn’t want to wait any longer.  A few of you have commented that you’ve liked this new theme which I’m so happy about.  Also I did a pole asking on Instagram if people liked my new theme and everyone who voted said yes!

3. Well this wasn’t necessarily a tick of the list kind of goal but my oldest sister (who is younger than me) has once again moved into my room.  I enjoy her company very much so I’m more than happy sharing a room with her.

4. Another goal of mine was to spend 20 Minutes outside daily.  Doing this every day kind of made me feel more put together and more sane so I’m happy I achieved this.

January Goals and Accomplishements Picture 2

5. I’ve wanted to create an Instagram account for a while now but I finally did on January the 6th!  It’s been really cool getting to share a slightly different side of myself on another social platform.

6. In December I was going through and deleting some of the boards, I didn’t use on Pinterest and after doing this I realised that I also deleted quite a few of my followers.  Since some people just follow specific boards.  So my goal for this month was to reach 110 followers on Pinterest and I surpassed this.

7. In December there were a lot of posts that I wanted to write.  Related specifically to Christmas plus a few other non Christmas related posts.  Therefore I was blogging almost every other day which was really awesome as I feel like my passion for blogging grew.  So my goal for January was to reach 100 views on my blog daily and this goal was surpassed reaching an average of 135 views daily!

8. My last goal for this month was to sort out my blog emails as I had thousands in my inbox and I felt very cluttered every time I looked at it.  I made folders in my inbox and deleted other emails that I no longer needed so it looks a lot more organised now.

What were some of your goals and accomplishments this month?

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35 thoughts on “January Goals and Accomplishements

  1. Way to go on all of your accomplishments 🙂 This was really interesting to read and I enjoyed it. It’s so great you spent time with family, and that you are happy your roommate is your sister 🙂 that’s awesome! I think your blogging milestones, as well as Pinterest are amazing as well. It’s always exciting when we reach out goals.

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  2. So many accomplishments! I am so happy you were able to reach your goals! I am looking over my goals/accomplishments for February in the meantime! I can’t think of anything specific other than school and working on lessening anxiety which I think I did well with! Blessings! Xoxo

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