Why I Enjoyed Being Homeschooled

Hi Guys!  If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know I was home-schooled but I haven’t really talked about it too much.  There were certainly some things that I really liked about it and other things that I didn’t.   So today I thought I would round up five of my favourite things about being home-schooled.

1. I like being around people and once you start a conversation I can do a pretty good job at carrying it but I’m also an introvert.  I need my space to go back to my room and recharge.  So getting to go back and forth from the dinning table, where everyone was, to my room by myself was awesome!

2. I’ve heard from many people that when you go to public school the teacher may give the entire class an assignment on the same book.  I was very happy because my parents let me choose whatever book I wanted to do research on and my siblings could choose their own books too.

3. I loved getting to go to my friend’s house and do homework together.  Any task you do with your best friend instantly becomes better and for me that included homework!

4. This wasn’t something that I got to enjoy much of but my younger brother sure does and that is getting to do subtraction, addition and multiplication with chocolates and/or lollies (candy).  I don’t ever remember my parents doing this for me but homeschooling did become more casual and fun as the years went on in our household.

5. Birthdays were often school holidays for my family.  This wasn’t always the case as sometimes we had projects we needed to do or we had already agreed to meet up with other home-schoolers but for the most part birthdays were like mini holidays.

If you’ve been home-schooled, I’d love to know what your favourite part was?

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35 thoughts on “Why I Enjoyed Being Homeschooled

  1. My wife and I homeschool our son, but, with a large homeschool community, he is rarely home. He has a wonderful group of friends and is thriving academically and socially! We are blessed.

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  2. I’m an introvert myself. The pressure to preform a certain way in public school always drained me…It was the socializing, as well as the being “Put on the spot ” in front of the class *cringe*. Yeah,that amplified my anxiety exponentially! ….I’ve been considering home schooling my children for the last couple years. Thank you for sharing your experience. 😀

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    1. I felt exactly the same way especially when being ‘put on the spot’. I’m sure your children will enjoy being homeschooled although I know it can be a lot of work for the parents including my own. I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for reading! 😊

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