How To Create A Blog Name

A couple weeks ago I shared with you 5 ways to grow your blog and many of you liked it.  At the end of that post I asked you if you’d like me to share with you more blogging tips or advice and many of you said yes.  So I though I’d share with you five pieces of advice that I wish I knew before I created my own blog name.

1. Sit down with a pen and paper and have a brainstorming session.  Think about what you want to talk about on your blog and experiment with names using the words related to what you want to write about.

2. Know that the first thing that people see is your blog name.  So ask yourself when creating your name is this the first impression I want people to leave with?

3. Another question you should ask yourself is will you be happy with your blog name in a year from now?  If not then keep brainstorming as people may get confused if you change your name a few times.

4. Short, sweet and simple names are the best!  When there are shorter blog names they are much easier to remember.  Therefore making it easier for people to remember and find your blog again.

5. Don’t have your mind set on your name as others may already have your name.  I know this from experience as I had already come up with two other blog names in my brain storming session and was disappointed when I found out that they had already been taken.  Overall I’m really happy with my final name though.

I hope this post was helpful for any of you looking to create your own blog!  If you’d like to see more posts on blogging advice, please leave me suggestions below.

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21 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog Name

  1. Hmmm…Your actual blog title and tagline can be anything you want even if someone else has the same. The problem is the url has to be unique (one of a kind)

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  2. Hmmm…Your actual blog title and tagline can be anything you want even if someone else has the same. The problem is the url and user name has to be unique (one of a kind). Which can be overcome by adding a number to it. For example:


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  3. I love this idea. When I first started my blog back in July 2017, I already knew what I wanted my blog name to be but the tagline that went under came later.

    It took me a while to figure out what Taking Up My Cross really meant to me and that is how I came up with my tagline.

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  4. Truth. I’m still a little between my second blog, Peeking Beneath, but as it is all about learning new things, or thinking about things it fits. 🙂 I love my main blog’s title, Inside Cup. The symbolism fits with Jesus’ caution about washing the outside of the cup, but not the inside. That’s what the blog is all about. Working on the soul issues and our relationship with Christ. 🙂

    These are all wonderful tips, and I know this will be really helpful, especially to new bloggers. 🙂 Well done!

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  5. This is a lovely informative post, Grace!! I’ve found that a lot of bloggers have trouble coming up with blog names – I’m not sure why it’s so hard, haha, but I’ve had the same thing happen myself. 🙂 I know this will help a lot of people, so thank you so much for sharing!

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