5 Ways To Grow Your Blog

Hi Guys!  I often get asked for tips on how I grew my audience and how you can grow your blogging audience either by email or via the comments.  I have responded to every comment and or email I was given personally but I didn’t write a post on it as I thought I didn’t have enough knowledge or experience.  I think I am finally at a place where I feel confident enough to share my advice with all of you and I hope you will find it useful.

Respond to comments

I know for me personally that if I leave you a comment on your blog and you respond I often come back to your blog to read your other content.  If you don’t respond though the chances of me leaving a comment on your blog again is zero.  So if you want your audience to be engaged and keep coming back respond to their comments!  I know we all have to go to work, get sick sometimes or are simply having a break from social media which is more than ok but do try your hardest to respond to someone within a week.

Comment on other bloggers posts

This is something I didn’t do much of until the past month and it’s been really fun.  I’ve also found some cool new bloggers who I really enjoy reading like Sabrina from Lipstick and Grace.  I also noticed a spike in my stats as when you comment on other bloggers they may head over to check your blog out and their readers may do so too.

Post regularly

Try and post at least once a week.  If you post less frequently than this your readers may forget who you are and/or un-follow your blog.  I wouldn’t recommend blogging daily either, as this can be a very draining task on the writer and your readers may not enjoy having their inboxes filled daily.

Be passionate

This one is something you cannot make yourself do.  You either have passion or you don’t.  So what I mean by this is if you’re are blogging to gain fame, money or anything alike you most likely won’t experience any success.  You’re readers are very smart and can tell when you really are passionate about what you do.

End your post with a question

Ending a post with a question is a great way to make your readers interact with you.  It’s also nice getting to hear other people’s opinions or perspective on whatever you were talking about.  Try and make sure the question is relevant to the post though otherwise you probably won’t get any interaction.

Would you like to see more posts on blogging tips or advice?

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266 thoughts on “5 Ways To Grow Your Blog

  1. Thank you so much for these tips. As far as the statement “I wouldn’t recommend blogging daily either” goes, guess I don’t have a choice here as I am attempting a Project 365, i.e., a photo a day. Lemme hope it doesn’t have a negative impact on my tiny list of subscribers.

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  2. I’m having trouble getting comments. Period. I think I’m following your advice. When I link on social media, most people don’t leave social media to comment; the keep the comments on their social media.

    How does one go from 0 comments to 5 comments? That’s the blog post I’m looking for (though clearly, I’m taking your advice here).

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    1. Yeah, it can be hard to get comments at first but once you get them they should come in a constant flow. The hardest part is getting a loyal audience that relates to your posts which took me personally a few months to do so. I hope you’re a great day. Many Blessings, Grace. 😊


      1. In a short, sweet and simple way, my three tips would be…
        1. Follow Tags, 2. Be consistent and 3. Promote Yourself. I think I’ll be doing a blog post on this later as I really don’t know how to explain this in a simple way. 😊

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      2. This helps. I just started following tags the other day. I need to work on consistency, and I get that I need to promote myself, but that’s where I struggle. Maybe a post about that?

        Thanks for taking the time to get back to me!

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  3. I started my blog like a week ago, so these tips are very helpful, thanks so much! I have one other question: How long did it take until the amount of your followers started actually growing on a regular basis, if that makes sense? Like was there a certain time where you noticed that growth? Or did that just happen right from the start? I think having 2000+ followers is quite impressive, as you have ”only” been blogging for a year, am I right? Anyways, I really like your blog, especially the design/layout! Keep up the good work! Love, Esther

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    1. Congratulations on starting your blog lovely! To answer your question I’d say that it took me about four months until my following started consistently growing on a day to day basis. So yes, I’ve been blogging for almost a year. (My first post titled ‘welcome’ was published on the 2nd of February last year.) I think each blogger grows differently though. For others they may grow way faster than me and others a little slower. Also thank you so much. I recently upgraded my blog and design and am so happy with all the positive reviews I’m getting on it. I hope you’re having a lovely day. Many Blessings, Grace. Xx

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  4. All good pieces of advice, and I try to do all of them — blog regularly, write about things I’m passionate about, and try to comment on others’ blogs, especially those folks who read mine regularly. At times it can be hard to keep up with, working full time and going to school part time, with another freelance job (am I insane?!) But I do my best. And I try to choose good photos to put at the top of my posts, ones which I feel a connection with, and which I think will resonate with my readers as well. Thank you so much for having read my post about the Light at the End of the Tunnel.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it can be super hard at times even for me balancing work, school, blogging,etc, but if you enjoy it like myself than it’s totally worth it!
      You’re very welcome. I hope you have a lovely day. Many Blessings, Grace. XO


  5. Hi! I loved this post. It’s definitely hard to keep updated with a blog but I try my best haha. I’m trying to gain more followers, I hope you can check out my blog!

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    1. Thank you very much! Yeah, it definitely can be hard at times. In fact I just finished having an unannounced and unplanned break from my blog for a week, a couple days ago, lol. I’ll be sure to check your blog out soon. 😉 Many Blessings, Grace.


  6. Thanks, Grace for this great post! Great tips and advice! I have been doing several of the tips you suggested and have found them to be helpful just as you stated! Congratulations on a year of blogging!

    Thanks for visiting and viewing my blog.

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  7. Hey Grace! I’ve been doing each of those tips for five years now and have never been able to break more than 300 followers on my most popular blog (I run three). Are there any additional tips you would recommend for me? I love your blog, by the way — i just followed. ❤

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      1. Ooh, I’ll check out the post! Thank you.

        Right now I’m working on building an email list before social media, but I plan to hit the most popular platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. soon.

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      2. Ohhh, okay. Darn it. XD Thanks for letting me know!

        My first one reaches out evangelistically to doll collectors like me with the Gospel — it’s also how I make money through ads and Amazon commissions. My second is about Christian lifestyle and sharing the Gospel as a young person. The third is my writing blog, where I share writing tips and novel updates. I have a lot of different passions and niches… XD

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  8. Thank you, Grace for the great tips. I’m going to definitely implement these and thank you so much for liking my post. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog. It’s awesome.

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  9. Nice post. I can get very busy at times. I hadn’t written in a while or even looked at anyone else’s post. So what I do is I block read. I take a little time out and read. I do the same with my vlog. Although I am a little more active on my vlog.

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  10. This was super helpful,u’m currently on a research hunt to get tips on growing my blog,and this was one of the most helpful ones i cam across.Also,I’d loooove for you to show some love and check out m blog too,that would mean the world.you won’t regret it,promise!<3

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