12 Fun Summer Activities

Hey guys, I know it’s winter for quite a few people reading this but here in Australia summer has started!  Therefore I thought I would share with you some awesome activities for the summer.  I hope you all enjoy…

1. Watch a movie.

2. Go berry picking.


3. Ride a bike.

4. Have a pick-nick.

5. Set up a water slide.

6. Build a sandcastle at the beach.


7. Try out new hairstyles.

8. Go canoeing.

9. Try out a new salad recipe.

10. Learn how to make sushi.


11. Clean out your wardrobe.

12. Eat frozen yogurt.  Yum!

To all my fellow Aussie readers or any one else experiencing summer, what are some fun things you’ll be doing this summer?  I’d love to know!  If you guys enjoyed this post you’ll probably like my other post 20 Fun School Holiday Ideas.  I hope you all have a great day!

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37 thoughts on “12 Fun Summer Activities

    1. Thank you! I live in Perth. It was pretty hot here until about two or three days ago but I heard that other places here in Australia are having a heat wave so I thought I’d share this post anyways. Still good beach weather though which I’m all for!

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  1. Wow! Australia! I would love to visit. I’m not a summer person but your ideas are budget-friendly and simple. I live in Florida and it has been in the mid 60’s here. People are literally walking around with big jackets and snow boots! Great Post! I will definitely incorporate these ideas in the spring and summer!

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    1. That’s cool. My family and I went to South Africa last year and we loved it! I hope you did too?!
      Thank you! We sure will be enjoying our summer. I think my family and I will even be going to the beach this afternoon. I hope you have an awesome day! 😉

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