Gift Guide for Young Girls

Hi Guys!  If you’ve been following me for a little while you’ll know that I am the oldest of four children, the youngest one being my brother and the older two being my sisters.  Since I have a teen sister, a little brother and a little sister I would like to put together a gift guide that relates to each of them.  So without further ado here are some awesome gift ideas for those younger girls in your life…

Cupcake Surprise Dolls $9

These cupcake dolls are so cute!  Basically there is a little doll sitting inside of the cupcake where the icing becomes her little hat and the cupcake liner gets flipped inside out which becomes her dress!  Each doll has different scents as well and my favourite one is vanilla.

Lego Friends Puppy Parade $17

Both my younger sister and brother really like playing with lego.  They have asked for lego for both Christmas and their birthday’s for years now so I knew I had to include a really cute set into this gift guide.

Dream Spot Stroller for Dolls $7

As a little girl I loved playing with dolls especially when I would pretend to be pushing them around in a stroller at the shops.  It was all in my imagination, lol.

Dollhouse Lounge Furniture $8

I was never a huge doll house player but I know my younger sisters were as well as my younger cousins so I thought I would include this in the list as this is something I know a lot of young girls would enjoy receiving.
Fun & Adventure Doll Sets $20

My youngest sister really likes these doll sets so I think I might be getting her another one of these for Christmas.  These sets come with really cool doll accessories like food and backpacks.

World’s Smallest Glitter Lamp $5

I personally think these lamps are so cute.  One of my friends had a lamp like this when I was younger and I always wanted to have one for my own.

Wooden Skipping Rope $3

I think I should have put skipping ropes on the big girl’s gift guide too because yes I still use them!  😉

Mini Desk Lamp $2

My younger sister asked me to get her this for Christmas as did my younger brother.  They come in a few different colours including pink, purple and blue.

Glitter Coin Purse $3

I loved having little coin purses when I was younger as they made me feel like a ‘big girl’.  I still like coin purses especially glitter ones, obviously, but it’s kind of hard to fit all my cards in now that I’m older.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.  Once again all of these gift ideas are $20 and under.  If you guys have any other gift ideas for younger girls please let me know in the comments below.  Also be sure to check out my Gift Guide For Teen Girls for more gift giving inspiration.

Do you have a younger sister?

Many Blessings, Grace.

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