Gift Guide for Teen Girls!

Hey Guys!  In this post I will be sharing with you guys a bunch of gifts that most teenage girls in your life will love!  Each of these gifts mentioned are either items I have been loving or items that I would like to receive.  I have put a link to each of the websites as well as the price under each gift pictured for your convenience.  All of these gifts are affordable as well, as they are all $20 Australian and under.  I hope you find some inspiration…

Shea Butter Bauble $20

This bauble contains two of my favourite items from The Body Shop, not just a body butter but also a lip balm!  Shea Butter is one of my favourite scents too and I love that it comes in a bauble so that you can hang this gift on the tree.

I really like The Body Shop hand creams, they’re also perfect for travelling.  My favourite scent in this pack is probably the Mango one although I do love the others too.

The other day when I was Christmas shopping with my friends we came across Typo and started smelling all of their candles and they smelt amazing!  I couldn’t choose which scent I preferred out of this one and another although I choose to share this one with you as it is more personalised since you can get the letter at the beginning of the person’s name your giving it to on the candle.

This book is awesome!  It’s the first devotional I’ve ever had and I love it!  Each days message has been personal to my daily life and has contained nuggets of gold and wisdom for me.

This eye-shadow palate is perfect for beginners and also for travelling.  There are many different coloured eye-shadow quads in this collection too.  I personally think this one is the best though as it is a neutral toned.

Bandanas are ‘big girl’ headbands in my opinion, lol.  I love wearing bandanas when I don’t know what else to do with my hair as I think they are really comfy and can also look super cute.

I saw these earrings online and they’re just gorgeous!  I’d be really happy if I received them for Christmas. 😉

These earrings are really cool as I’ve never really seen earrings like this before and obviously because they’re donuts!

These metal bottles make awesome gifts for friends and family.  I love the marble pattern on this one pictured above.

This detoxifying face mask is really cool!  It makes my skin feel so clean when I use it and I’ve purchased it twice already as I really like the way it works.

I may or may not have already bought this for a friend for Christmas (lol).  I think this looks really cute and it also comes in a couple other colours as well.

Thank you all so much for reading!  Please be sure to follow my Christmas board on Pinterest for many more Christmas related ideas.  Also I’d really like to know what’s something on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Many Blessings, Grace.

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