The Simple Things – Part 5

What’s up guys!  After being absent with this series for a month I thought I would start it up again as I really enjoyed writing down something I was grateful for each day and I know you guys have enjoyed this series heaps too…

August 29 – I enjoyed spending time with my little brother and one of my sisters as we watched the Voyage of  the Dawn Treader.

August 30 – My Mum has been away for a while now helping other family members so I am very grateful to have her back at home again.

August 31 – Today my family and I went out to celebrate the many blessings that we have been experiencing both big and small.

October 1 – In the month of September I spent a lot less time on my computer hence the reason I put up fewer posts than months before as I was just enjoying living in the moment with my friends and family.  There were so many things that I was grateful for last month which were continually reminding me to continue this series.

October 2 – I really enjoyed watching a movie with my parents and sister tonight.

October 3 – Shout out to my friend Stasia who I’m very grateful for.  😉  This year she started doing abstract art which she’s very good at and all her paintings look really cool too, so you guys should certainly check her out on Instagram.

October 4 – Reading a book in the sunshine today was very fun!

What’s something you’ve been grateful for lately?

Many Blessings, Grace.

24 thoughts on “The Simple Things – Part 5

  1. Be blessed and it’s my prayer to our Lord God of Mercy and blessing to bless you more with peace and knowledge of wisdom in higher level.
    And let hope and spirit of patient to be in your life everyday and Lord to bless you in your works of your hands. I’m so happy to see you again

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  2. I’m grateful for God continuing to bless me with new music inspirations I find on Youtube. I’m thankful for Him moving and stirring my spirit to write about topics I’m conflicted about writing about because not everyone will want to read them. But His will be done, and He will be glorified.

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  3. Reconnecting with family is always great. Often times we neglect it when we spend all day online. Glad to see you’re back at it though…
    P.S- I loved the Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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      1. My pleasure 😊 I also love that you’re not ashamed of your faith…and talking about it. In a world hasty to scrum for likes and even I’ve fallen there a couple of times over, it’s refreshing to see that there are still Christians out there unashamed to simply say that they love God. I assume that you’re Christian of course, forgive me if I’m wrong 😊

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