Becoming A Pastry Chef – Part 4

Hey Guys,  My last post I did was ‘Becoming A Pastry Chef – Part 3’, in that post I didn’t actually share with you all the things I made last term as it would be super long.  So since the school holidays have now come to an end I thought I would share the rest of the things I made last term…


Viennese Biscuits.


Checker-board Cookies.


Almond Cookies.


Double Choc Cookies.


Jam Drop Cookies.


Afghan Cookies.


Another Lemon Sponge Cake.


This picture is of all the baked goods I made in my test out.  Once again we had five hours to make two plain sponges, one sponge decorated with cream, another sponge with butter cream icing, double choc muffins, different Viennese biscuits and fruit cake.  I managed to get it all done and have my work area cleaned with time to spare so that was pretty cool.

What’s your favourite cookie?

Many Blessings, Grace.

40 thoughts on “Becoming A Pastry Chef – Part 4

    1. Thanks Maggie! They just taste like plain chocolate cookies. Unfortunately I couldn’t see myself making them again in my spare time as they took a lot more time to make than choc cookies and they taste really similar. They certainly look really good though! Many Blessings, Grace. Xxx

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      1. You’re welcome! Oh haha I’ve had treats turn out like that before; they taste the same as something else that’s easier/cheaper to make. lol! Yes they really do! x

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