The Simple Things – Part 4

Hey Guys, I’m back at it again for the fourth week now sharing with you all the things I’ve been thankful for.  If you guys missed last weeks post in this series be sure to check it out here.

August 22 – Today I went on a long drive with my Dad and siblings so we all enjoyed listening to songs as we were road tripping!

August 23 – Having a cold shower today in the middle of water made me appreciate warm showers so much more!  (Only because the hot water wasn’t working and I don’t even know why, lol.)

August 24 – I really enjoyed watching Shrek today with my younger siblings.

August 25 – If I could, I would stay in my Pj’s all day every day because they’re always so comfy!

August 26 – The power of prayer!  As I was going throughout the day I was thinking about all the times the Lord has answered my prayers and guided me through prayer.

August 27 – My family and I went out for dinner tonight which is something we do every week and I always enjoy it.

August 28 – I haven’t painted my nails for months now so I really enjoyed painting my nails today.

What’s something that makes you happy?

Many Blessings, Grace.

35 thoughts on “The Simple Things – Part 4

  1. These small things are so cute ❤ I'm glad you wrote about them, you've made me realise that I need to appreciate the smaller things in life! One thing that makes me happy is the way that the sun shines in just before sunset – it makes everything turn golden and ordinary places appear more magical.

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  2. Hi Grace, thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you here. You have an amazing talent and a wonderful family…so yes, it’s lovely to enjoy good relationships. Glad to read your interesting posts and keep on posting when you can! All the very best in your endeavours… 🙂

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