How To Be More Productive

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips for becoming more productive.  I hope you guys enjoy reading and find this helpful…

1. Go to bed earlier.

If you go to bed earlier your body will naturally wake up earlier.  The earlier you wake up the more likely you are to get things done.  Also having a sleeping schedule is very helpful so you don’t throw your bodies sleeping rhythm off.

2. Do the easy things first.

This was something my Dad taught me when I was younger.  Sometimes I would get overwhelmed with the amount of things I had to do so my Dad would just say get the easiest or quickest thing done first and work your way up so you can get rid of those things to do on your to-do list quickly.

3. Listen to music.

Whenever I have so many things to do I just put my headphones in and listen away.  The reason this helps me is because when I’m listening to music I don’t want to stop since I love it so much.  Therefore I never get distracted or procrastinate.

4. Create a schedule.

Creating a schedule is a major key for being productive!  It helps you stay very organised especially when you have time slots for when you’d like each thing on your list to be done.

5. De-clutter.

The less stuff you have the less things you have to tidy, clean and move around.  If you don’t need it or if you don’t enjoy using it then you can probably get rid of it.

I hope you guys found these tips useful.  If you guys enjoyed reading this post than you’ll most likely want to read my post ’10 Ways To Find Inspiration’.  Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

Many Blessings, Grace.

36 thoughts on “How To Be More Productive

  1. Hi! Great post, All your points are totally worth following, i go through stages of being so productive and others where i can’t do anything i wanted!! But making a habit is a great way to do it!!!

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  2. Nice post! I agree with going to bed earlier especially. Instead of staying up late studying, I now just go to bed when I get sleepy and wake up and start working almost immediately with way more productivity!

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  3. These are awesome tips, Grace! Hahaha I could do with some more going to sleep early 😂 I’m almost always in bed too late, then I get up later than I want to the next day!

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  4. LOVE all these! They’re all helpful for me except listening to music! I find it distracting for some reason but I do love listening to nature sounds!

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