Memories of Fairy Bread Pancakes

Hey Guys,

In my Q&A post I did a little while ago one of the questions I was asked was ‘what is your most memorable moment?’.  My answer was too long to write in that post hence the reason I told you that I would do a separate post answering that question.

Thankfully I don’t have a most memorable moment but I do have many memorable moments.  Even though that is the case I thought I would just share with you one of the first moments that came to mind when this question was asked.  So here goes..

I remember being about five years old and my Dad coming and telling me and my younger sister that we were going to walk to McDonald’s for breakfast.  We were so excited with this news and we got ready to leave immediately.

When we stepped outside ready to walk there it started pouring with rain so we just stood under a nearby tree for a while hoping that the rain would calm down, so we could walk there without being completely soaked.  The rain didn’t calm down though so my Dad decided it would be best to stay home for breakfast instead, which we both understood.

Then the next thing I remember is my Dad carrying both my sister and I, one in each arm, back inside our house.  We went in the kitchen ready to have our breakfast and this is when our Dad did something oh so genius to our child-like minds.  🙂  He made pancakes and then turned them into fairy bread, which was totally delicious by the way!

This happened years ago now but I still remember this moment very clearly and I will continue to remember this for many years to come.  It was something so simple yet something I will always be grateful for.  Thank you Daddy!

I hope you guys enjoyed me sharing this short story with you.  If you liked this post you’ll probably like the last post I did ’17 Things I’m Grateful For’.

Who is someone you have had so many amazing memories with?

Many Blessings, Grace.

27 thoughts on “Memories of Fairy Bread Pancakes

  1. My someone with whom I always have great memories and will still continue is my sister for sure!!! I really love playing pranks,laughing, and I love all the silly quarrels we have too!! Nice post there!😀

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  2. This was such a fun story! Sounds like a great memory with your dad and sister, even though you three did get rained out. 🙂 💕 Rain is no fun sometimes!! Thank you for sharing this with us! x

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