Travel Essentials for Long Flights

Surprise!  I just got back from a month long trip in Africa.  I had such an amazing experience but I need a bit more time to write my experience into words. Therefore in the meantime I thought I would share with you five of my essentials that I took on the plane.


Earphones help me to tune out the surrounding sounds and distractions which makes me feel safer and is easier for me to sleep.  You can also use your earphones to watch movies, shows or listen to music on the plane.  (They normally provide you headphones though.)


Gum, it keeps your breath smelling fresh while preventing your ears from that uncomfortable popping feeling when landing or taking off.


Bring a notebook!  Sitting on the plane for hours on end and not being able to do much else other than just sit there leaves you with all this time for your head to go spinning.  I personally had so many thoughts and ideas which I spent the flight jotting down.  Going on a flight is like having your own brain storming session.


I use them just to keep things clean around me including my own face. lol.

Your skin can get very dry on the plane and that includes your lips.  My favourite lip balms are the Maybelline Baby Lips or Paw Paw.

Well those were my essentials.  I’d love to know what your favourite items are for bringing on the plane?

Many Blessings, Grace.



38 thoughts on “Travel Essentials for Long Flights

  1. I LOVE this list! I just got back from visiting my home town. My definition of long flights is 4 hours and 8 minutes long. Ha! I would bring freeze dried raspberries… Whenever I fly I bring those on the plane! And maybe a few gluten free cookies…. I can’t travel without snacks!

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  2. Two things I always need when traveling are a face cleanser to just wipe off all the travel grit and then a moisturizer. Oh and panadol (helps me sleep and not feel the pain in my knees so much) small chairs and no legroom.

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  3. Ooh! That’s a nice post! Africa- must have been surely amazing!! I’ve also been to Kenya and trust me it was amaze! I still have many flight travelling coming up and one is for 10 hours!!! I really liked the tips, I will try ’em!!!! I don’t have many great tips, because I usually doze off anyway😂

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      1. Ahh yes, most definitely!! I can’t wait for that. ❤ I'd also love to travel around Europe someday, so hopefully I'll get to travel by plane a handful of times! 😉

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