Thank You For 500 Followers!

Last night I reached 500 followers!  This is a really cool milestone and I’m very grateful for all of you guys who read my blog posts.  I started my blog four months ago to the day and am a bit surprised at how much my blog has been growing statistically.

I want to shout out one of my Favourite Bloggers,  Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala.  She recently surpassed four hundred followers but I’m pretty sure she’s surpassed 500 now!  She also interviewed me as a part of her ‘Spotlight Saturday’ series which you guys should definitely check out. 🙂

Thanks once again for helping me to surpass this milestone.  Be sure to check out my post ’10 Ways To Find Inspiration’ as I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as others.

Many Blessings, Grace.

93 thoughts on “Thank You For 500 Followers!

  1. Woohoooo! Congrats on 500, Grace! 😍🙌🏼💕 aww thanks so much for the shoutout! Hah I did surpass 500 now – stats have been crazy in the blogging world lately. 😂 Have a good night, Grace! xx

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  2. That’s fantastic, and very well-deserved – Congrats! I’ve been following you since I started I started InvisiblyMe, and I look forward to reading your post in the future where you’re celebrating 1000 followers!  
    Caz ♥

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