10 Ways To Find Inspiration

Hey Guys,

If your struggling to find inspiration at the moment than this is the perfect post for you!  Here’s 10 awesome ideas to find inspiration…

1. Read

Reading can be inspirational as you’ll find new perspectives on different things in life which can be life changing.  It also keeps you learning forever and enlarges your vocabulary.

2. Make Boards

Make an inspiration board!  Glue pictures of your goals whether that be fitness goals, things you want to save your money for or simply just recipe ideas.

3. Go Outside

I challenge you to go for a walk in the next week for thirty minutes and just have a look at the scenery.  I did this recently and its amazing how much beauty God has placed literally right in front of our eyes.  All we need to do is take the time to admire and be inspired by it.

4. Inspiration Quotes

If you’re in a rut than I highly recommend reading inspirational quotes.  I’m sure this will instantly put a smile on your face. 🙂

5. Music

I always put on music when I’m cleaning it just seems to make things a lot more fun.  I also feel like I’m being more productive with my time because multitasking, right?

6. Take Breaks

Sometimes staring at things whether it be a mess you’ve got to clean up or a project you’ve got to complete can be very overwhelming and before you know it all you’ve down is spent the past hour stressing over it.  Instead walk away, step outside, take a deep breath and then come back looking at it afresh.

7. Get Feedback

Talking to family members and/or friends is a great way to bounce ideas off each other and get feedback on your ideas.  Often it can also help to clarify your thoughts and get more ideas!

8. Declutter

When I walk into a cluttered space it instantly makes my mind go racing which is why I like to keep my room decluttered so I can have a place where I can think clearly.

9. Bloggers

Find bloggers who will inspire you.  If you’re a blogger as well look up blog post ideas.  I’ll be doing a post shortly on some of my favourite bloggers so stay tuned.

10. Pinterest

In my opinion pinterest is one of the most inspiring social media forum out there.  If you want inspiration on fashion, food, quotes, etc… be sure to follow my account here.

Thanks for reading.  Please leave a comment telling me how you find inspiration?

Many Blessings, Grace.

94 thoughts on “10 Ways To Find Inspiration

  1. This is SUCH an awesome post! I’ll definitely come back to it when I’m looking for inspiration 😍 Pinterest is an awesome website!! I don’t know what I’d do without it for so many reasons, haha. I went and followed you on there, by the way! xxx

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  2. This is such a helpful post! I love going to the forest when I am feeling unmotivated, when I come back I feel completely revitalised and I am suddenly ready to be productive.

    Olivia x

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  3. Dear Grace..in addition to the 10 great ideas you mentioned, I would like to recommend listening to the sound of silence by being in a very quiet country side filed full of Lavenders.

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  4. Great post! Nice, easy tips for gaining some quick inspiration 🙂 I personally like to read because it gives me tons of motivation to write my own books. I love walking outside, it really resets your mind, and you’re right, it is quite beautiful! Music is also super inspiring… I wanna try Pinterest and making an inspiration board!

    -Helene, xo

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  5. Hi! Let me start by saying thanks for liking my poppy post. As for inspiration, I’d have to say reading does it for me. I don’t mean just books, I’m a total **** when it comes to reading – just about anything goes. I get a ton of newsletters on all sorts of topics, I jump on almost every article my social media friends share and every Google search I run turns into at least a couple of hours spent on reading related stuff (sometimes completely unrelated). So yes, I’d have to say reading is my main source but sometimes inspiration comes from places or people you least expect to provide you with ideas. A random conversation, a meeting in the street, a trip out of town…As long as we use that inspiration, it doesn’t really matter where it comes from.

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  6. Taking a walk, whether in crowded city or the countryside, can inspire. I also like to listen to music and sometimes just sit outside and listen to the sounds we so often miss, like wind in the treetops, rainfall, birds and such.

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  7. Great ideas!! And I love your ideas for posting on blogs too. Glad your “Like” on HearMoreFromGod brought me here! Thank you
    I pray as you take in nature and experience life, that you will listen for and hear what God has to say to you. God bless your day!

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