My Autumn (Fall) Favourites

Hey Lovelies,

With autumn in full swing I thought I would share with you a few items I’ve been loving as the weather gets colder.

1. Blankets

Blankets IMG_7205

Yep, all those blankets in the picture above are mine.  If i’m at home you will most likely find me with a blanket all snuggled up or one dragging behind my like its some kind of cape.

2. Boots

Since I’m a very short girl as I told you in my 20 Facts About Me post, I like wearing boots with a little heal to help make my legs appear longer.  Wearing heals also makes me feel feminine and like I can get things done faster. (Lol, is this just me?)

3. Body butter

Body ButterIMG_7204

I was first introduced to The Body Shop body butters a few years ago by a friend and I’m now hooked.  It has a thicker texture than a normal hand cream which is why this formula is perfect for transition into those cooler months.  I like using this on my legs because of the shine it gives them.  My favourite scent for the colder months is probably the shea butter but for the warmer months I prefer the mango scent.

Storytime: A few months ago I started working twenty five to thirty hours a week as a waitress which obviously required me to be on my feet a lot.  I found that my feet were starting to hurt a lot and then eventually began to crack.  I was tried many different products even products advertised to heal cracked feet but nothing worked for me.  I just decided to use this moisturiser on my feet for a little while and then see what happened.  To my amazement this worked!  I now apply this to my feet every time I’m about to slip on my socks and shoes.

4. Jumpers

There so fluffy I’m gonna die! Joke but in all seriousness that’s why I wear jumpers (sweaters) so I don’t really know what else to say about them.

Well that’s everything I’ve been enjoying lately.  Feel free to share with me your favourites from this month below.

Many Blessings, Grace.

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