My Favourite Pictures

Hey Everyone,

As a someone who’s new to the whole blogging game I want to become better at taking pictures for my blog and just in general.  So I thought why not do a series where every now and then I compile a few pictures together and write a little bit about them.

I took all of these pictures a while ago so hopefully you guys will be able to see some progress in the quality of the pictures I am taking as time goes on.

The picture above the title I took in my Mumma’s front garden. (FYI)


My sister saw these notes in the dressing room at the beach during the summer time. She thought it was really cool and encouraging so she asked me to take a picture of it.


These are cones which we made in class at TAFE.  It’s custard cream inside a chocolate dipped ice cream cone shaped pastry shell.


I love the colour of the tree and just everything about this picture.  We had such a fun time at Mt. Baw Baw.

Story time: We went to Victoria last year here in Australia during the winter time.  As some of you may know it doesn’t snow much in Australia at all but last winter was one of the coldest winter’s we’ve had in a long time.  Anyway this was my first time seeing snow.  We didn’t get to see the snow falling but none the less we saw snow in Australia!

Graces Blog Flower 1 IMG_2969 copy

Since I’m wanting to take more lovely pictures for my blog I took this picture with that in mind.  Not sure exactly how I feel about it but it’s a flower which obviously means it’s gonna be a pretty picture. 😉

Well I’ll be back in a couple months with a part 2 to this post.  Leave a comment below telling me which photos your favourite.

Many Blessings, Grace

42 thoughts on “My Favourite Pictures

  1. My favourite is the second picture with the notes. I love how they say ‘I know’ rather than ‘I believe’. That has changed how I think about what I ‘believe’. May God bless the person who wrote the notes. Happy Easter!

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  2. I love all these photo’s! 🙂 The title reminds me of my Mum’s Garden – Alyssum that come out every spring and are beginning to re-emerge again this year because we had huge rainfall in the middle of summer and it is staying warm into May.

    The notes because they all deal with knowing – a subject i’ve just been discussing with a blogfriend, and it was on a beach dressing room bench!

    The cones, especially the detail of ‘Grace’ i assume you carved into the tray? 🙂

    The snow and Tree which is magnificent – you gotta love our Eucalypts.

    And the perfect un-symmetrical symmetry of the Franjipani (watch out for camera shake or slight movement of the subject in a breeze as the photo will be a little out of focus!)

    Keep up the great work. 🙂


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  3. Something I’m learning as a photographer is that it’s an art form and there often isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, it’s more subjective to what you see and like. I think all the photos are awesome, but my favorite is the last one. I love how the white flower stands out against the green background. 💛

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      1. That’s really cool! I love finding bloggers like yourself with many things in common! I wanted to be a chef since I was four and then as I got older decided that I’d prefer to be a pastry chef!

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  4. Love these photos and I’d love to see more! You’re quite talented, I just recently started following your blog (and blogging!) and your site looks really great! I can’t wait to see more content!

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  5. I like the one of the tree, I think the markings are beautiful. The one with the custard cream cones make my mouth water…I’mean originally from Wales, UK now living in th USA and they remind me of the cakes in Wales…can’t get the here.

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