My Favourite Songs

Hey Guys,

I decided to post twice this week as this post will be very short.  I really enjoy listening to music so I thought I’d share with you ten of my favourite songs from the past couple of months.

I read a few other blog posts on people’s favourite songs and noticed that a lot of people wrote their favourite line from the song underneath the title.  I tried to choose a favourite line from each of the songs but I just can’t choose.  So without further ado here are my favourite songs…

1. Till The Day I Die – Toby Mac ft.NF

2. Loyal – Lauren Diagle

3. Forgiveness – Matthew West

4. Overwhelmed  – Big Daddy Weave

5. Giants Fall – Francesca Battistelli

6. Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin

7. City On Our Knees – Toby Mac

8. Count Your Rainbows – One Girl Nation

9. Let It Be Jesus – Christy Nockels

10. O’Lord – Lauren Diagle

Some of these songs are quite a few years old while others are fairly new.  I haven’t put these songs in any particular order either as I can’t pick a favourite out of these few.  Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll be back later on this week with another post.

Many Blessings, Grace.

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