Hey Guys and welcome to my blog!  This is my first blog post ever and I am very excited!  I decided to create my own little space on the internet where I’ll be sharing with all of you the things I’m passionate about.

I’ve wanted to create my own blog for quite some time now but just never really knew what to say or how to say it or what to even call my blog.  In all honesty I still haven’t figured out all the things I want to say or how to say those things but I thought I’ll just give it my best shot.

So today I thought I’d start my blog by talking with you about my family.  I currently live with my Dad, Mum and three younger siblings here in Australia.  My two eldest siblings are sisters and the youngest one is my brother.  My Dad and Mum have spent the past ten years homeschooling my siblings and I which is something I am very grateful for.  I feel like being homeschooled has helped me to find my identity, especially my identity in Christ.

Being homeschooled definitely has it pros and it cons.  Homeschooling has allowed me to have a very close relationship with my whole family which is something I am beyond blessed to have.  Yes we don’t always get along perfectly but at the end of the day we all know that we love each other.

Having a lot of friends as a homeschooler wasn’t really an option for me which you could say is one of the cons about being homeschooled.  The few friendships that I have formed though as a homeschooler are so strong that I would’t call my friends friends but rather sisters and brothers.

Now after ten long yet short years of being homeschooled I am heading to Tafe to learn all the skills I need to become a patisserie chef.  I don’t really have much to say about my journey/experience at Tafe just yet as I just had my first class yesterday which I enjoyed very much.

Anyway I thought I’d end my blog post by acknowledging that I am very blessed and very grateful for all the things and opportunities that have come my way in life and that’s why I decided to call my blog ‘My Blessing’.  I hope that this blog will be helpful or simply just encouraging to someone out there.  From Faith to Family all the way back to Food you’ll probably hear me share a bit about everything.

I’m planning to put up a new post on my blog every week so stay tuned for next weeks blog.

Many Blessings, Grace.

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